To begin with, we want to once again draw your attention to the fact that everything that is provided to you on our website does not carry commercial interest for us and is provided free of charge.

Based on this, we reserve the right to make decisions regarding any claims by users on the service and maintenance of the site. But we are quite ready to take constructive criticism on your part and accept proposals regarding the further development of our project.

What in the end can you get from cooperation with the DEPO MUSIC project?

There are two categories of users on the site - these are ordinary users who support artists, and artists.
Artists are users who are ready to create and upload their music and songs on our site for other users of the site, artists, site visitors, buyers of their music.

Any user can become an artist, but for this it is necessary to send us scans of documents proving the identity. In the event of repeated violations of the rules on the site, we may deprive you of the status of an artist. The status of the artist can also be deprived of any user without explanation, based on our subjective assessment of your activities.

On our site you have the opportunity to publish your tracks and albums, share them on social networks. The best tracks, determined by the rating on our website, on the channel, and based on our personal opinion, we will publish in the “Spotlight” section on our YouTube channel “DEPO MUSIC”.

By posting your work on our website, you automatically give us the right to publish your work on our YouTube channel “DEPO MUSIC”. If you do not agree with this, it is necessary to submit a statement through the contact form stating that you are against publishing your music on our channel and remove this composition from our website.

In addition to publishing your album and songs on our website, you can use the service of selling your tracks and our bulletin board.

When selling tracks, you have the opportunity to indicate the price for your product and contact details for contacting the buyer. We do not charge a commission for mediation between you and the buyer, we do not claim either your copyrights to the track or the buyer’s copyrights in case he purchases your track.

In the case of the sale of your track and rights to it, you must notify us that the track has been sold and at the request of the buyer it should be removed from our YouTube channel if it was posted there.

On the bulletin board is allowed to publish only materials relating to the categories of the bulletin board. Spam in any form and advertising is prohibited in order to promote third-party brands, resources and other commercial projects.

You can also send us your news for the “Site News” section regarding your musical projects, songs, your successes, and from what we will be interested in and enjoy, we will publish on our website.

We wish you good luck and creative success.

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